вторник, 4 июня 2013 г.

Copenhagen 2013 Spring break

Some lyrical digression...there is really hot in Saint-Pete right now, and i am sitting at home writing this english part and drinking homemade mochito, the fact is that rum in our coctail receipe is the prevalent ingridient, if you know what i mean...so as i wrote the russian part way before today, the english version will be shorter and a little bit confused, i guess. Well, I start and it is your choice to read or not, but i warned you=)))

На майские праздники было решено поехать в Копенгаген на 4 дня. Вкусные билеты из Хельсинки и обратно были найдены, и мы помчали :)
После ночи в машине до Хельсинки и перелета, в Копенгаген мы приехали уже довольно уставшие, конечно, могу говорить только сама за себя, но фотография ниже явственно кричит, что я была не одна=)

We decided to spent spring holidays in Copenhagen this year. Our flight was from Helsinki, so to the moment our feet stood on the Dannish land we had been totally exhausted and tired. I would say for myself only if there was no picture below. My friends sleeping on the benches in front of Tivoli Garden waiting for 4 p.m. We booked a super innovative hotel without reception. The check in was at 4 p.m. and not even a minute earlier, because all the doors in the building including the door to the room opened by the individual code, and this code became valid only at 4 p.m. So we spent an hour on these beautiful seats, dreaming and sun-bathing. By the way, there were so much sun unexpectedly that some of us wore read cheeks after that dream-time.


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